Time management: Pre-employment screening assessment to hire the best candidates

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Situational judgment


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It's difficult to imagine life pre-Internet, before the web so closely threaded together individuals around the world.

The time management test assesses the candidate's ability to successfully manage time in a professional environment. This test uses common workplace scenarios to assess how well candidates prioritize, plan, execute, and reflect on tasks and projects.

Using this test helps employers to hire the right talents for their company.

Covered skills

  • Execution
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Decision-making
  • Management skills

Use the Time management to hire

Time management experts, time management consultants, managers, and any role that needs management skills.

About the Time management

Employees who perfectly manage their time can manage their work well. Proper time management enables employees to work more efficiently and be more productive by focusing on the things that matter and have the greatest impact on the business, rather than getting bogged down in busyness that doesn't produce results.

This time management test assesses the candidate's ability to prioritize tasks by deadline and importance, plan work as efficiently as possible, and execute tasks effectively.

Moreover, it evaluates a candidate's ability to reflect on their work, monitor results, and communicate important information to others. It provides candidates with real-world workplace scenarios and asks them to make the best decisions to resolve each situation in the most efficient and productive way. And help employers to identify and hire the best and most skilled candidates.


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