Numerical reasoning: Pre-employment screening assessment to hire the best candidates

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Cognitive ability


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It's difficult to imagine life pre-Internet, before the web so closely threaded together individuals around the world.

This assessment evaluates candidates’ ability to make rational decisions. This shows that candidates can easily get the gist of a table or graph and use it to make an informed decision.

This numerical reasoning test assesses a candidate's general skills with numbers and their ability to interpret numbers in a variety of applications. This test helps employers identify candidates with strong numeracy skills.

Covered skills

  • Number patterns understanding
  • Problem-solving
  • Chart and graph interpreting
  • Text and tables interpreting

Use the Numerical reasoning to hire

Use this test to hire managers, brand managers, marketing managers, HR managers, and any role that involves working with financials like budget and business cases.

About the Numerical reasoning

As more and more business processes become digital, the ability to read charts, analyze data, identify patterns, monitor numbers, and draw inferences from numerical datasets becomes increasingly important. From finance to marketing, product development to customer success, nearly every department in modern business deals with numbers, data, and analytics.

The Numerical Reasoning test assesses a candidate's ability to interpret numbers through tasks that require them to interpret numbers, fractions, and percentages, identify patterns in numbers, and identify tables, charts, graphs, and charts. Candidates must perform multiple operations on the data to arrive at the correct answer.

This Numerical Reasoning test is the ideal pre-employment test for recruiters to objectively evaluate candidates.


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