B2B digital marketing: Pre-employment screening assessment to hire the best candidates

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It's difficult to imagine life pre-Internet, before the web so closely threaded together individuals around the world.

Digital marketing is the marketing of services and products using digital media. A digital marketing expert is someone who increases his engagement with a product/service brand by focusing on his target users on smartphones, tablets, computers, etc.

Generating leads/sales and driving traffic to your website is the primary task of any digital marketer. So, it is important to hire the most skilled digital marketers for your company and this test will help you to identify the best ones.

Covered skills

  • Marketing fundamentals knowledge
  • Online traffic management
  • Communication
  • Data analytics
  • Messaging skills

Use the B2B digital marketing to hire

Employers can use this test to hire digital marketing experts, B2B digital marketing specialists, digital marketing executives, and anyone who needs to have digital marketing knowledge.

About the B2B digital marketing

This online B2B digital marketing test help screen various skills of candidates such as SEO experience and knowledge in digital marketing, extensive knowledge of using Google Analytics, and understanding and knowledge of LinkedIn marketing and Facebook marketing.

This test is designed to help hiring teams assess the B2B digital marketing skills of candidates who are hired for the consultant/digital marketing professions.

Designed with EEOC guidelines in mind, this B2B digital marketing assessment test helps employers assess and recruit a diverse and impartial workforce.


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