Do you believe hard work beats talent?

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February 28, 2023

What do you think is more crucial: talent or hard work? If you believe talent is essential, you might not chase dreams because you don’t have what it takes.

The truth is that talent can’t assure you will get somewhere in life. A high level of education doesn’t guarantee you anything, well. People who went through expensive education will know some gifted people. Talent will take you somewhere if you work hard. 

The people who are more eager to reach the top will always get to that point first because hard work with determination can always win. In the end, how can you defeat someone who will do whatever it takes?

Talent can be a gift, but it can also be a curse. It can give you the perception that you don’t have to work as hard as others, which is a huge mistake. Most people give up on their life path because of many different excuses. 

Excuses are for weak people, and there is always time for everyone to start from the beginning. Don’t let anything come your way and stop you from making your own story. 

Talent is the easiest way to accomplish goals. 

It takes less time and effort to reach the top; this is the path with the slightest struggle, and we, as humans, welcome that. But there are more rewarding or most competent paths than this. But hard work is a mental state; it is challenging, uncomfortable, and painful.

Hard work lets us face difficulties and evolve through them. It can help our minds to adjust. It can lead us to a point where we need more natural talent to compete with us. 

You can reach any dream with hard work. 

It is a broad context, but it might be different among people. It can be studying all night to get good grades in all tests, or it can also be sweating on a farm under the hot sun. 

Is talent everything?

natural skill

Everyone has some talent inside them, but is talent essential for reaching success? Think about some of the most talented people in the world who we know as geniuses. 

For example, Mozart made his first masterpiece at the age of 5, and at 7, he presented his talent to the world on his first tour.

For sure, talent has a key role in this story but think about it like this: If Mozart didn’t have such a gift, could he reach this success and fame by only hard work? Does this mean you can reach success when only you have s special talent or skills? It is a difficult question to answer.

Talent is a natural skill. It is not magical power or a pre-planned skill your creator gave you. You can get your job done and be successful if you are gifted. 

The opposite is also true. Just because you have talent, it doesn’t mean you love your job, and it doesn’t mean you will become wealthy and successful.

So, is talent a necessity for success? No, but it doesn’t also hurt. Talent is about the abilities, expertise, and skills that represent what an individual can do. Hard work is about the level at which a person uses his skills. 

Some people are gifted and hardworking, but there is usually tension between the two. Talent can make people lazy because they will try less to achieve the same goal. 

Hard work helps people make up for the lower levels of skills, which is why it is helpful to become aware of someone’s limitations. 

Ultimately, talent matters more than many think, so managing and practicing your skills is crucial to running a successful business.

The necessity of hard work

hard work necessity

Hard work is essential, and history has proved that many times. For instance, Edison worked hours daily and only rested in his laboratory with his books as his pillow.  

A similar example is the prime minister of India. The late Pt. Nehru worked 17 hours a day and seven days a week.

He didn’t take a day off on the holidays. Or the great leader Mahatma Gandhi worked 24/7 to bring freedom to his country. 

Therefore, we see that hard work was practical for all these people. People should always work hard because it can help them reach their dreams. As the saying goes, a man is born to perform. 

When we work hard, we can accomplish anything and beat any difficulties. Moreover, we can have a better life by knowing that we did everything we could and did our best in whatever work we did. 

Hard work is necessary for success. What we gain through hard work will give us real happiness than what we obtained just by luck. As humans, we want to accomplish many things in life. 

Hard work is a must, not a choice. Study the life of the most remarkable people. You can understand that they all tried very hard to accomplish success in their life. Many believe that successful people are gifted with extraordinary talents, which is why they can shine in their fields. Michael Jordan is one of those. 

Many people believe that Michael Jordan has excellent talent in Basketball, which is why he is one of the world’s best players. He might have outstanding skills but didn’t get to this point by accident. He worked day and night to get himself to this point.

What is more crucial: talent or hard work?

What is more crucial: talent or hard work?

In an ideal world, everyone with enthusiasm works constantly and conquers barriers easily. If this was the case, talent could always beat hard work. But we don’t live in a flawless world. 

Just because talent gives you an advantage doesn’t mean you will be successful. It would be best if you worked hard to get what you want. 

So if you don’t have special skills, you must try harder than gifted people. You have to show more effort than gifted people to achieve your goals. 

Of course, this is a challenging job, but it is possible. Talent helps you on your path, but you need hard work to catch up. So, talented or not, you always have to work hard. 

Moreover, talent is something you might or might not have. But a working ethic is something that you can develop, bringing you much more in life.

What about those particular people that don’t have any talents? On many occasions, hardworking individuals can evolve new talents associated with hard work and the tendency to do the job better. 

New skills and talents develop and are understood as natural talents, but in reality, they result from complicated work. 

Many influential people have reached their positions by working hard in the background. In other words, being motivated and showing effort to accomplish goals is a talent. 

If you want to be successful, talent can act as an accelerator. Still, other factors can make someone successful.

Hard work, motivation, and determination are essential in all aspects of life, personal or business. Do not rely only on talent and think it can bring you success. Instead, put in the hard work in your life, and all your dreams and goals will come true.  

Why hard work beats talent every time?

Why hard work beats talent every time?

You know you want something, and you have to get it, and you know it will not be easy. If you want to win a game, you have to face your competitors. Some people are so determined that they don’t even think about how their opponent is more talented than them, and some people have a gift and need hard work to get to the top.

But the truth is that no matter how much someone is gifted or talented, nothing can beat determination, motivation, and ambition. Some people may have privileges compared to others, but without hard work, what is the use of those advantages?

Determined people are the ones who prepare themselves for a challenging path; they know they should face barriers to success, and they know nothing but hard work can take them there. It might take longer to get where they want, but eventually, they will get there.

Talents, gifts, and skills won’t be enough to face unavoidable challenges. When things don’t work out for you, it is a sign that you need to work harder; it doesn’t matter how gifted you are; you need to improve what you got and always bet on the hard work.

Hardworking people will give in all they have, whether highly skilled or talented. Talent will make you look extraordinary at first. You can blow other people’s minds, but in the end, you have to face people like you. Ultimately you have to compete with hardworking and talented people.

Work is the only thing that can separate the ones who are only talented from others who achieve results and receive rewards. We are talking about the kind of work that enhances your weaknesses, not the work that only relies on talent. The gifted people who are lazy and weak are the ones who suffer or are even injured in a competition. 

Hard work is more important than talent because each person has different capabilities and skills. Still, there is no replacement for hard work. Just because someone is gifted in one field doesn’t mean they can be successful. Usually, people who are not naturally gifted but work hard to improve their skills can accomplish the highest level of success. 

Even though determination and persistence aren’t talents themselves, they are the stimulants that improve talents and are two critical abilities that usually establish success. It doesn’t matter how talented someone is; if they don’t want to work hard, they don’t have much chance.

Unfortunately, you can’t earn the necessary traits to succeed at school. You need to be stable and disciplined and have a plan for your goals. The only way you can improve these characteristics is through experience and hard work. 

Talent can’t determine success alone, but hard work can. If a person is talented and has the above qualifications, there is a big chance they can reach their goals. Sometimes you must push yourself further and beyond your capabilities, even if it seems impossible.

All people need talent and hard work to accomplish their goals. People who have a gift must work hard and don’t only rely on their talent. People who are hard-working and might not be that talented might need some more time to get there, but they will see the results. So, remember, hard work always beats talent, no matter what.


It might be difficult to stay motivated if you are unhappy with your career or where you stand. If you are happy with your job, it can mean you have the necessary skills in that field, and if you are not happy with your job, it can mean that you need to work harder to get the job you want and to become satisfied. 

Whatever the case is, you should never get obsessed with yourself about if you are a talented person or not. You have to concentrate to move forward to the path you like and stay on the path until you reach success. That is how you can overcome people who only depend on their talent.

If you are an employer, look for motivated employees who always prove they can do the hard work and stay encouraged. Because talent can help anyone initially, it can never overcome hard work. A business can be successful if the team members are determined and talented.

The most powerful talent is the tendency to work harder than others. Employers are always looking for people willing to do the hard work that others are not interested in doing. Many employers are fascinated by people willing to work and improve themselves over time.

Be excited about working hard. It will drive you to learn the hard work value. Only those who understand the importance of hard work over talent will hold up when life becomes a field battle.