10 Warning Signs Of Unhappy Employees

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May 12, 2023

Employees are essential to any company because they cause its growth and development. Therefore, it is important to determine what kind of people employers hire for their business.

As an employer, there are many things to consider when hiring the workforce to hire the best candidates. Once your team is complete, it’s your turn to keep your employees happy so that they can cooperate with you for a long time because, as an employer, you need employees with high performance that benefits you and your business.

You can follow many things to create an environment where your employees are happy to work with you and work well for your company to develop. These things include treating the personnel well, paying their salaries on time, understanding them, etc.

Sometimes your employees are not satisfied and happy to work in your company for any reason. Unfortunately, you may not realize this and think everything is normal until your best employee suddenly quits.

In this article, we are going to examine 10 signs that show that your employees are not happy and satisfied so that if you notice some of these things, you can take action in time and solve the problems of the employees.

10 Warning Signs Of Unhappy Employees

Dismissal of employees is not only when they no longer cooperate with the company; sometimes, employees decide not to work for a company anymore. Their decision has various reasons that may be personal or non-personal.

In the following, we will examine 10 signs that show that your employees are unhappy, which will help you to retain your employees by identifying and recognizing these cases in time.

1- Quitting The Office As Soon As Possible

One of the first signs shows that your employees are unhappy with their working conditions is that they leave the office as soon as their shift is over, and they are not willing to spend more time at the office and instead prefer to leave the office as soon as they finish their tasks. 

As a result, take this case seriously if you notice that someone in your work team has been waiting for some excuse for their work to be finished before leaving the office.

2- They Show Less Initiative 

Unhappy employees are less initiative

Employees who are satisfied with their work and its conditions always try to do all their tasks best, are creative and offer new ideas, and generally try to be helpful employees.

If an employee who has always been active suddenly loses energy and no longer has creativity and innovation, he must have a problem and is unsatisfied with his work.

Therefore, constantly monitor your employees’ performance and activity process so that if you see such a case, you can solve their problem quickly.

3- They Show Up Late

Another sign is that employees do not show up to work on time and do not care if they are late to work or meetings.

They attend meetings late and don’t care about other people’s time, and it doesn’t matter if others wait for them until the appointment starts.

In general, if you see that employees do not value their time, you and their colleagues, and come to work late and attend meetings late, be sure to share this issue with them to make sure they have a reason for this so that you can solve the problem.

4- They Are Not Social As Before

Employees who are not satisfied with their conditions or work environment are not as social as they used to be; that is, they talk and communicate with their colleagues very little, they participate in meetings less, and when they are in meetings, they do not participate in the topics, they have friendly relations with colleagues as before. And they are not intimate and do not participate in the events related to the company.

5- Asking For Off Days More Than Usual

Usually, when employees get tired of working and the work pressure increases, they request some days off to return to work with more energy and perform better.

But when employees request leave within a short interval, they are not satisfied with a series of things at work, and they may even think of changing their job or resigning.

Therefore, if you see consecutive requests for leave, be sure to ask whether there is a particular reason for these leaves.

6- They Don’t Want To Commit To Long-Term Projects

When employees are unhappy, they are no longer willing to do long projects and are not eager to commit to doing such tasks

They prefer to do their daily tasks and not hold themselves responsible for doing or participating in long-term projects.

Normally, these people used to be eager to do any project, but suddenly they don’t have the motivation to participate in projects, so consider the decrease in employee engagement in the work environment as a sign that they are unhappy.

7- Their Mistakes Will Increase

Every employee may make mistakes, which is understandable. Still, one of the signs that employees are not satisfied with their work is that their mistakes increase dramatically, negatively affecting their performance and work process. 

Having a mistake and repeating those mistakes can have various reasons, so make sure you discuss this matter with the employees logically and reach the desired result together.

8- You Will Hear Office Gossip

When employees work in the same environment for a while, a working relationship is formed between them, and they talk about everything, especially work problems, and issues.

These conversations may spread among all employees in the office, so if several people gossip in the office and talk about work problems, this gossip can harm employees’ performance and cause their work efficiency to decrease. 

Because sometimes, some people are busy with their work, but when this gossip is spread in the work environment, others are also affected and become dissatisfied with the working conditions.

Therefore, if you notice gossip in the office, try to follow up on the issue so that you can control the situation and help the employees.

9- They Stop Growing

When employees are dissatisfied with working in your company, they are no longer interested in learning new things and do not try to improve and grow in their work.

In fact, they have no motivation to progress and only try to do their daily tasks and pass the time until their work is finished.

As you know, motivation is the most important factor in the growth and development of employees. Still, when dissatisfied with their working conditions, they no longer have the motivation to learn and improve.

10- They Are Stressed And Negative

Unhappy employees are stressed and negative

Basically, employees in the work environment try to be happy and control their stress so that they can perform well and treat their colleagues well so that the atmosphere of the work environment remains positive.

But when they are unhappy with their conditions or working environment, they get stressed and cannot control their negative thoughts; as a result, their work efficiency drops, they transfer stress and negativity to other employees, and they cannot interact appropriately with others. 

Stress and negativity are harmful to them and harm them and make the working environment tense.

The things we mentioned in this section are among the most important and apparent signs proving that your employees are unsatisfied with their working conditions. 

When you see one or more of these things in your employees’ behavior, take them seriously. And try to talk to them to find out why they are unhappy and help them to continue working in your organization.

How To Deal With Unhappy Employees

As mentioned in the previous sections, for companies to grow, they must hire skilled and experienced employees to help their business progress.

But all the pressure should not be on the employees, because the employers should provide an environment, so the employees can work in good conditions to perform well and be satisfied with working in your company.

In the following, we would like to examine what you can follow to keep dissatisfied employees happy so that they can cooperate with you and not tense the work environment.

  • Talk to disgruntled employees to root out their problems so they can talk to you about their issues at work.
  •  When employees come to you to talk about their problems, try only to consider the important things so that you can help them more easily because when employees are unhappy, they may exaggerate the definition of problems, so try to write down important points and facts so that you can help them.
  • Ask them if they have a suggestion to solve the problems that caused them dissatisfaction so you can reach a favorable result.
  • Try to follow up on their condition continuously to ensure they have no more problems and can be active and perform as well as before.
  • Try to keep their problems private. By doing this, you can help them more easily and avoid creating tension in the work environment.

By following the above, you can help your employees to be comfortable with you and talk about problems, and as a result, perform well and help your business progress.


Having satisfied employees with their working conditions has many benefits, but one of the most important is helping business progress and creating a positive work environment.

Suppose your employees are dissatisfied with their working conditions or have problems in the work environment. 

In that case, it will have bad consequences for your business. Therefore, as an employer or hiring manager, you should be familiar with the signs of employee dissatisfaction so that if you notice them, you help employees to solve their problems.

In this article, we have explained to you 10 signs of employee dissatisfaction, and more importantly, we have provided solutions that you can use to help dissatisfied employees solve their problems.