What is the best online Testing software?

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February 24, 2023

Using online assessment software has become a standard for testing an individual’s knowledge and skills. This kind of testing is more straightforward and flexible than old-school paper tests because you can take an online test anytime and anywhere. 

Before the Internet’s role in the business education industry, all exams were entirely offline, and examinees should do the test using pen and paper. While today, online examination systems and online exam makers software are typical. 

All of us have taken one of these tests ourselves or at least know a friend who has. The education and exam industry has sincerely welcomed online exams as effective tools for evaluating students’ performance and even as a means of teaching. 

Some other reasons for the popularity of online exams are as below: 

  • It is flexible because it lets students take the exam from any location as long as they have access to a computer or mobile device with an active internet connection. Teachers can also keep an eye on the assessment remotely. This process decreases the stress both for the teacher and the student. 
  • Online exams decrease the concern of supervising the test session for teachers and institutes. It can also save more time because, in traditional testing, you have to take some time to print and distribute the question papers, set the chairs in the exam hall, etc.
  • Evaluating online exams are quicker and can generate auto-protected questions. Usually, students can get their results immediately or in the shortest time. 
  • There is a significant security level for online exams because only authorized staff can create/change the questions, and only approved students can take the test. There is a minimal chance for the questions to get leaked. 

What is online assessment software?

What is online assessment software?

Testing software enables teachers to make and conduct tests on students with digital devices such as computers,s smartphones, or tablets. These platforms make grading students, delivering exams, and evaluating results very convenient. 

Many education institutions use testing software, such as K-12 schools, universities, and even HR teams and enterprises. While using testing software, teachers or instructors write down different questions based on the exam or choose some pre-made questions suggested by the platform.

These questions will be delivered to students by a mobile app. After each student finishes the test, their results will be graded automatically.

Although the leading purpose of many test software is to provide traditional tests, other testing platforms choose different methods to measure students’ knowledge and understanding of the questions. 

For example, some testing software gathers live answers from examinees or lets them sort out a portfolio for the examiner to grade.

Testing software platforms are usually used as independent tools. Still, they are typically associated with other types of educational software, such as learning management systems.

Testing software evaluates the knowledge and skill levels of students, employees, and job candidates. Testing software is used for two primary purposes: evaluating human resources and learning assessment. 

Teachers, schools, and educators use learning assessment software to monitor the student’s development and measure teaching productivity. Administrators use the data it offers to make decisions about educational policies. 

HR assessment software measures the level of knowledge and skills for recruiting new workforce, supervising employee performance, offering ideas for promotions, and helping recognize the training requirements. 

The testing software will evaluate a candidate’s soft and hard skills, such as assessing personality and emotional intelligence.

Best online testing software

Suppose you are looking for reliable online testing software as a teacher or employer. In that case, we will offer you a list of the best online testing software in this section. 

The online exam testing software we will discuss provides an online testing platform for scheduling, authorizing, organizing, and scoring exams.

They also have other features such as test-taking, user management, on-screen evaluation, security, access control, different question types, remote proctoring, user feedback, and reporting analytics. Below is the best online testing software you can choose for teaching or hiring purposes:

  1. WeTest
WeTest is an online testing platform

WeTest is an online testing platform for game developers. They have a team of experts with more than ten years of experience in quality management. They provide the highest game development standards and product quality and tested over 1,000 games.

WeTest uses innovative tools such as automated testing, functionality testing, performance testing, remorse device, and security testing. WeTest has developed over 25 tools and received 68 valid and clear technologies.

WeTest’s unique features are 

  • Advanced Hardware: High-stability mobile phone room, self-developed hardware, and 40Gbps Internet dedicated line to ensure a stable and productive testing process.
  • Gold Quality Team: Senior experts provide you with the same services as top products.
  • Leading the Industry Standard: Take the lead in developing many industry standards, together create a good software testing environment, and continuously promote the improvement of software quality.
  • High-Quality Standard: Over ten years, thousands of applications have been evaluated, and high-quality product quality standards have been created. Five significant dimensions, 41 indicators, 360 ° to ensure product quality.
  1. Synap

Synap is an award-winning testing platform that enables companies to deliver safe, online tests efficiently. Save real-time and decrease your tasks for creating, marking, and evaluating exams.

Personalize your tests with different types of questions, such as multiple-choice and written questions, and multimedia, such as images and videos. Add timers and random questions, or create a test from question banks in just a few minutes.

Decrease cheating and preserve test integrity by preventing copying and pasting without supervising tests. Comprehensive data and visual reporting are available to evaluate candidates and question performance. 

Easily recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate. You can start with your 14-day free trial today, with the possibility to cancel at any time without any long-term commitments.

  1. SpeedExam

SpeedExam is a very flexible online test software with features like automatic grading and instant reporting. Candidates can take the exam in three steps, and recruiters can customize assessments for better evaluation.

It has a competitive price, and the free version offers 25 free exams per month. It also has encrypted data storage. Here are some of the platform’s most valuable features:  

  • Ease of use 
  • Short set-up time 
  • Competitive Pricing 
  • Detailed performance reports 
  • Import of questions through spreadsheets 
  • Comprehensive reporting dashboards 
  • Performance reports  
  • Automatic grading 
  1. PaperShala

On PaperShala, students or candidates can register on the portal and take the exam. After the test, they can also check their answers. This test provides a complete experience where applicants don’t have any time limits. 

Some of its features are: 

  • Works on all devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablets, and also on all operating systems 
  • It offers a multipurpose question bank with full personalization features 
  • A separate student dashboard with a graphical interface for different data related to the test.
  • It works on devices with low-end features.
  1. ProProfs Quiz Maker 

You can make exams and tests easily using ProProfs Quiz Maker. Create an original test based on your questions, or use the ProProfs library with over 100k+ customized tests and 1,000,000+ ready-to-use questions.

Create scores, personality tests, or surveys by selecting from 15+ question types. Add images and videos to your assessment. Some of the crucial reasons why this online test software is popular include the following:

  • 100,000+ ready-to-use questions with different topics
  • 15 question types for better assessment
  • Save time and effort by pre-approving grades to correct answers.
  • Use its comprehensive reports to check scores & performances.
  • Avoid cheating using its 100+ settings and intelligent structure to choose random questions, mix up answer options, and more.
  1. Test Invite

Test Invite is an online cloud-based test Software that provides strong item banking and analytics. You will have control over your entire testing process and can test safely with LockDown Browser and Webcam Video Recording. You can make, deliver, and grade tests and then report on student, course, employee, and program performance. Test Invite publishes training videos on its YouTube channel so anyone can start from day one.

Test Invite has much more to offer than just testing software for employers. You can create multi-step tests, each based on an assessment of your selection. Applicants will automatically be directed from one test to another if they meet your requirements- without requiring human supervision.

Test Invite has many other features. Supporting multiple languages, simultaneous tests, accounts with different roles & responsibilities, and advanced e-mail communication are among the elements that companies use all the time.

  1. Typeform

Typeform is an online testing software. This software has no coding background and can still make engaging and interactive tests. This software works with several applications, such as Canva, Slack, and Google Drive, so there’s no need to go back and forth with any existing apps you use. 

Typeform uses a conversation-type format like a one-question-at-a-time, so you’ll have to think about this when making tests with many items. Examples of questions you can use in your Typeform tests are 

  • Fill-in-the-blank
  • Short-answer
  • Numeric
  • multiple-choice tests.

You can also use questions that show the accuracy of the answer, so your tests are more standard and involve fewer incorrect answers. For the free version, you can use three forms with 10 question items and up to 100 acceptable monthly responses. 

  1. ClassMaker

ClassMaker, an online testing software, lets you make tests and save questions to the question bank easily, and you can use them again at any time. Test questions are personalized, which enables you to imply the available time and date, the number of allowed attempts, the passing score, etc.

You can also choose a theme and use it for the logo and branding of your test pages. The test is automatically graded except for those which have essay-type questions. You can see learning results regardless of whether they have been completed or are still in progress. So you always have access to your team’s performance.

  1. Mercer|Mettl

This online testing software is supported with anti-cheating technologies, which provide a safe and highly secure online test experience for wide-ranging tests. They have more than 4000 clients globally and have administered over 12 million supervised exams annually in over 150 universities. The following are some of its most valuable features:

  • Tracking candidates
  • Self-service portal 
  • Reference checking 
  • Option to choose between AI-based or manual remote supervising
  • 3-point candidate authentication 
  • Image recognition 
  • Works on mobile (iOS and Android) and web-based platforms
  • Live in-person training
  1. Testgorilla 

TestGorilla offers the best pre-employment testing tools to screen your applicants to make better and faster-hiring decisions. Using different test types in a test can have the best-anticipating value for the recruiters.

They have a test library of over 150 tests, such as programming tests, cognitive ability tests, software skill tests, personality tests, language tests, and more. You can hire the best candidates without any bias and stress. TestGorilla provides recruiters with the best online test software to test their candidates and make the best selection. 

Testgorilla has a significant effect on increasing the hiring process, and it prevents wasting your time and energy. It is a very productive tool for internal communication and management between the people involved in the hiring process. It also offers a more realistic insight into a candidate’s skills and qualifications professionally.


Companies have different needs for tests and assessments based on their industry, purpose, size, target audience, and functional structure. The best testing software is the one that provides all the features that your company needs, and it should be user-friendly and cost-efficient. 

There are many online exam software for online educators and companies. The software that you are choosing should line up with the purposes that you are trying to achieve. 

There are many difficulties with old-school pen-and-paper exams. Some of these complications are extensive paperwork, time consumption, extensive use of resources (human and other), high costs, human errors, the number of workforces for monitoring the exam, limited reach, and more.

Using the best online testing software can solve many challenges by decreasing human errors, decreasing location limitations, decreasing human resource needs, and decreasing costs.

Online testing software is also time-saving and flexible, with no need for human monitoring, has high security, eliminates paperwork, makes fast scoring possible, gives access to analytics reports for better evaluation, detects cheating, and more.