Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Easy Apply

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March 10, 2023

The job search can be frustrating, both physically and emotionally. You must send at least 100 to 200 applications to receive just one job offer.

Sending job applications requires filling out information and manually opening new accounts, which can take time and cause stress. Moreover, you should do these unnecessary tasks for each job application; there is no guarantee that you will hear back from the recruiter. 

Fortunately, LinkedIn Easy Apply launched to ease the application process. With this feature, you can send job applications more accessible and faster with just a few clicks. 

There is a saying which says “time is money,” which aligns with the context of job seeking. Seeking a job is a job, and you will not get paid for it.

To speed up your job search, you must consider using LinkedIn Easy Apply. Because at the end of the day, applying to jobs with just one click saves a lot of time. 

Although using LinkedIn Easy Apply can save you time, there might be some disadvantages. You can use LinkedIn Easy Apply, look for jobs, and become successful if you are serious about it. 

You must apply for many jobs if you want to get hired immediately. Companies post job openings and then remove the post because they have changed their mind or their requirements have been changed. Or they may decide to wait for a month, three months, or even forever!

Therefore, you need to apply to different employers to get a job quickly. With using LinkedIn Easy Apply, you can send a high number of applications easily and quickly. Of course, employers might use platforms like WeTest to assess your skills, but first, you have to send your application.

This article will discuss LinkedIn Easy Apply and whether it is worth using in a job search. 

What is LinkedIn Easy to apply?

LinkedIn Easy Apply is an add-on that LinkedIn released in 2011 to help job seekers send their applications easily and quickly without leaving LinkedIn. 

On the other hand, this add-on will help employers to evaluate active and passive job candidates and save time.

LinkedIn Easy Apply help you apply for different types of jobs. Just click the button, and answer questions. Of course, the process is more than that. Still, the main idea is to accelerate the application process for job seekers and employers. 

About 35-45% of jobs use the Easy Apply feature on LinkedIn, based on the industry and position. When an employer chooses Easy Apply, applicants can submit their LinkedIn profile in response to a job ad. 

This LinkedIn feature can save a lot of time in the job search because, despite most job search websites, you don’t need to fill out your details every time. You must attach your resume, click submit, and you are ready.

When job applicants read a job description in their account, they can access two options: “Apply” and “Easy Apply.” The apply button takes the job applicant to the company’s website. You can follow the instructions to apply for the job.

The Easy Apply button asks job seekers to provide their phone number and email and attach an updated resume. 

If job applicants use Easy Apply, all the employers will see a part of the Job seeker’s LinkedIn profile. Recruiters can see their photos, past and present job experiences, education, headlines, and various skills.

Therefore, if the hiring manager is not impressed by this information, they might not decide to visit the job seeker’s complete LinkedIn profile.

How do you use LinkedIn easy apply?

Now let’s look at how to use LinkedIn Easy Apply to showcase your information to companies.

Log in to LinkedIn

You need a LinkedIn account and use detailed information. That is what recruiters see when you apply. If you need help setting up your LinkedIn, the following steps are what to put on your profile.

You need a LinkedIn account and use detailed information. That is what recruiters see when you apply. If you need help setting up your LinkedIn, the following steps are what to put on your profile.

Next, enter essential search words into LinkedIn’s search box at the top of the page. You can search for a job title like “Electrical Engineer” or “Sales Manager.” You can start with this. 

After you type in the search bar, you can use LinkedIn’s filters to narrow your search by location, industry, etc. Then you will see relevant job postings in your city or area. After that, open job titles that look interesting. At this step, you can find the LinkedIn Easy Apply button.

Look for the Easy Apply button on LinkedIn job postings.

Here’s what the “Easy Apply” button looks like when available: You can see this button on around 35-45% of job posts on LinkedIn. So you might not know the button every time, but you should know that button almost often in most industries.

Start applying

Now you’re ready to apply. Click the “Easy Apply” button, attach your resume, and submit your info! It’s that simple. 

Now you’re ready to apply. Click the “Easy Apply” button, attach your resume, and submit your info! It’s that simple. 

Note: If you see relevant job postings that don’t feature the Easy Apply option, It may be worth applying. Clicking the button when it doesn’t show “Easy Apply” typically takes you to the company website. If their application process looks easy, it’s still worth applying directly.

Make a habit of applying for jobs on LinkedIn every day.

Try to spend one hour for the first few days. Many might spend half that time on one application online just for a company that might not even get back to them! Therefore, you’ll be able to send more applications out if you use the Easy Applpossible. 

To Sum it Up

Once finished, you will see a summary of all your data, and you can click Submit. When you submit your application, LinkedIn lets the recruiters know. You will receive updates when the employer views your application or downloads your resume.

When must a job seeker use LinkedIn easy apply?

When must a job seeker use LinkedIn easy apply?

For dream jobs, it’s always wise to apply traditional methods to ensure your application is not ignored by automized screening. That said, there are sometimes when Easy Apply is a helpful tool.

  • When the job title isn’t your dream job, but you’d like to apply anyway. The Easy Apply option helps you send many quick applications without taking the time and energy you should spend to apply for just one job.
  • You’re trying to do a more extensive job search and expose your profile to as many employers as possible.
  • When your LinkedIn Profile is up-to-date and brilliant! Suppose your LinkedIn profile is keyword rich, professional, and represents you in the best way possible. In that case, the Easy Apply option is a good choice.
  • You don’t have much time, and your strategy is to send your application to as many employers as quickly as possible.
  • When you want to send a customized resume that shows significant success from past job experiences. If you are confident that your information will catch the employer’s eye, Easy Apply can work.
  • You’re applying for jobs that don’t need special skills and don’t have time to follow the traditional application process. 

When not to use LinkedIn easy apply?

You shouldn’t use easy apply if your LinkedIn profile is bare bones. You shouldn’t use Easy Apply on the below conditions:

  • When applying for your dream job. You need to update your resume and customize your LinkedIn profile before using it to match what the employer wants.
  • When you are changing jobs, you should explain why you are a qualified candidate, and convincing a recruiter cannot happen through Easy Apply. 
  • You’re looking for your first job. Employers will use filters and check the vital scores to evaluate candidates. As a new graduate, it will be difficult for you to get noticed.
  • You have a significant employment gap. The personal or professional conditions should be explained in a customized cover letter. Give the employers reasons to notice you, not ignore you. 

Advantages and disadvantages of LinkedIn easy apply

The main advantage of Easy Apply for job seekers is that job search can be quick and easy. Of course, if you want to do a comprehensive search on LinkedIn, send your resume to many recruiters.  

Some other LinkedIn easy apply advantages are:

  • Simplify the application process. You can easily apply for any job without entering another website, making new accounts, or retyping the information on your resume or LinkedIn profile.
  • It’s sometimes the only way to apply. The truth is that some companies use LinkedIn Easy Apply instead of a candidate tracking system or even email.
  • Apply from wherever. Positions at popular companies usually receive hundreds or thousands of applications, and companies might stop accepting new ones at anytime. 

The main disadvantage for applicants who use LinkedIn Easy Apply is that it is challenging to attract attention in the market. Studies show that employers spend about seven seconds reviewing each resume. 

They might even spend less time on an Easy Apply application, and that’s not much time for an applicant to stand out.

Some other LinkedIn easy apply disadvantages are

  • Hard to attract attention. LinkedIn Easy Apply makes it easy to apply for jobs but makes it hard to build an application that attracts attention. Almost everything is taken from your existing profile, which might not be the best information to share with the employer for getting the job.
  • Easy can mean “a lot of.” One complex thing about LinkedIn Easy Apply is that you’re not the only one using it! Although there is a lot of competition for each job, LinkedIn Easy Apply means a job posting might receive more applications than those without the Easy Apply feature.
  • There is no chance to develop and explain. There’s no cover letter or other way to describe your skills, abilities, and qualifications further than your application. Unless you have an exceptional resume and work experience, the employer might not understand why you’re the best person for the job.


Job applicants should know that using Easy Apply does not guarantee that an employer will be impressed by their resume. It is an operative way to manage the application process. 

Suppose you graduated from the best university and have a great work history. In that case, you can avoid getting ignored in the eye of employers. 

If you have that background and experience, you should use your network and resources and send out cover letters by email.

Using Easy Apply with reliable applicant tracking systems and screening tools can be an excellent option for employers and hiring managers. 

To attract the employer’s attention and boost your chances of getting a job offer, update your LinkedIn profile. Customize your profile to the jobs you want and mix it with relevant keywords that impress employers.

LinkedIn Easy Apply facilitates the job application process and lets job applicants send applications more accessible and faster without having to go to other websites. This tool can save you time and effort and enables you to catch more vast opportunities in your job search.