How to Use Indeed Assessment to Test Job Seekers?

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March 24, 2023

Indeed has offered a free tool named indeed assessment to test candidates since 2014, and it is also reachable y workable.

Assessment tests provide a data-driven strategy for hiring new candidates. These assessments can reduce biases by creating opportunities for candidates.

Employers need something more than resumes to decide about hiring a candidate because resumes only reveal a part of the applicant’s qualifications, and it takes some time to review each resume. 

Assessment tests can offer each applicant an equal opportunity to represent their skills through a standard hiring process. Therefore, employers can find suitable candidates easier and faster.

You can screen the candidate if you add an assessment to your job posts, saving you more time finding qualified candidates for the open position. 

Employers can narrow down candidates by evaluating their skills through the test answers and find the fit applicant for the role. These tests are productive for two reasons.

First, when applicants agree to do the assessment, it shows that they are passionate about it and want to take it. Second, these tests help employers to identify the level of a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and experiences.

This article will discuss the Indeed assessment test, how they work, and how recruiters can add them to their job posts. We will also highlight the benefits of using the Indeed assessment test for recruiters. 

What are indeed assessments?

Indeed assessments include more than 150 short tests evaluating candidates’ skills. Candidates take this test based on the recruiter’s request to show the level of their skills mentioned in their resume. 

Indeed assessments include more than 150 short tests evaluating candidates’ skills. Candidates take this test based on the recruiter’s request to show the level of their skills mentioned in their resume. 

Indeed assessment is a free tool that can help employers to find the best candidates for their job position. Employers can screen candidates for their most vital hard skills, such as sales and accounting, or soft skills, such as accountability and reliability. 

Indeed Assessments include different ready-to-use skills tests to help employers find the best candidates and decide who to contact for the interview.

Indeed assessments have different ready-to-use skills tests, which can help recruiters to decide which candidate to choose and reach out to for an interview.

Indeed assessment tests can reduce an employer’s time for finding the best candidates by 12%on average. 

Candidates can take the test in about 10 minutes by answering multiple-choice questions, and the length and complexity of skills depend on the industry or topic. This process helps recruiters to evaluate a candidate’s skills without bias. 

Some questions analyze the candidate’s knowledge and identify how a candidate will react in a situation that might happen in an actual job situation. All in all, applicants should provide the best answer to the question.  

Many professional psychologists designed the Indeed assessment test using test simulations, skill tests, audio interviews, work samples, and many more. This test narrows employers’ choices effectively so they can choose the best candidate quickly.

How to add assessments to your job post?

How to add assessments to your job post?

When an employer posts a job on Indeed, the customized screening page will show relevant test suggestions from a library with more than 200 tests. 

When an assessment is added to a job post, it can help employers to understand which candidates are interested in the job or want to showcase their skills before the interview.

When employers choose an assessment and agree with Indeed assessment terms, Indeed will send the test on their behalf to all candidates. Also, employers can manually send the test to candidates that they pick.  

If employers want to add the assessment to the job after posting it, they can go to the employer Dashboard tab, choose “Edit job” under the job title they want to add an assessment to, and then click on the left side of the page.

Then, employers can choose relevant tests. We suggest recruiters choose three skills tests related to the job description and title. Moreover, employers can click on the “view more” topic to see more options. 

Employers can still send candidates the skill test if they have already applied for the job. They must check the “View Candidate page,” choose more actions and then send the assessment.

Candidates can take the test without any invitation. They can just take the test and share the results on their profile. The result will be added to their resume automatically, and employers can see the list of scores.

If employers want to find candidates who have already done the test, they can search Indeed’s resume database and invite those candidates to apply for the job. 

This method can help employers to choose qualified candidates. After applying for the job, candidates will receive an invitation email to do the test.

How to evaluate and select candidates in Indeed?

How to evaluate and select candidates in Indeed?

Indeed assessment scores have different categories from high to low, including Expert, High, Proficient, Familiar, and Completed. If candidates receive a “Completed” score, they have failed the test. 

The “familiar” score means that the candidate had some understanding but was not experienced enough in the skill. Candidates must get a proficient score to prove they  have enough professional skills. 

Candidates will receive the test results by email or checking the “Candidate Dashboard” section. Because all candidates take the same test for the job position, employers can analyze their performance without bias.

The assessment test score will evaluate the candidate’s ability for the job position. Besides test scores, employers should review applicants’ cover letters, resumes, and interviews to gain a clear insight into their skills and abilities.

The advantages of using Indeed assessment 

The classic hiring process is unproductive because the employer’s primary focus is on resumes that only show a part of the applicant’s abilities. Therefore, recruiters can’t choose the best candidate because they might get involved with unintended bias.

Employers should understand the level of candidates’ skills and abilities from different aspects and decide to hire them. Below are some benefits of using the Indeed assessment test for recruiters.

  • Quicker access to qualified candidates
  • Boost objectivity and accuracy
  • Empower employer’s evaluation
  • The availability of different candidate assessment tools for screening.
  • Motivating candidates to apply
  • Identify qualified candidates.
  • ٍProviding a powerful recommendation engine
  • Increase productivity with Applicant Tracking System. 


Indeed assessment test is a free tool that helps employers screen candidates based on their skills, abilities, personality, and aptitude for a particular job position. Recruiters can add these tests to their job postings and make easier, faster, and wise hiring decisions. 

Job applicants have completed more than 70 million Indeed assessment skills tests worldwide, and more than 600,000 employers used this feature. 

By using Indeed assessment tests, employers will better understand applicants’ skills before inviting them to the next step, and they can avoid rejecting candidates based on their resumes. 

In many cases, the candidate’s education might not be related to the job position, but they have the required knowledge and experience. Therefore, many employers might miss many candidates if they only rely on their resumes. 

Indeed assessment tools incorporate testing into the application process; therefore, employers and job applicants can benefit from this feature. These tests provide a simple and easy way for candidates to showcase their skills and help employers to make a choice they won’t regret.