Git & GitHub: Pre-employment screening assessment to hire the best candidates

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It's difficult to imagine life pre-Internet, before the web so closely threaded together individuals around the world.

Git is a free, open-source, distributed version control system tool designed to quickly and efficiently handle any project, from small to very large. It is also a source control system that focuses on speed. Developers use this software to effectively perform project tasks using its commands and functions.

This GitHub test measures a candidate's proficiency with the Git version control system. It will help employers identify developers who are experts at managing large code bases and collaborating with others.

Covered skills

  • GitHub basic knowledge
  • Git software skills
  • GitHub project management
  • GitHub's collaboration tools
  • GitHub functions

Use the Git & GitHub to hire

You can use this test to hire talented full-stack developers, software engineers, front-end developers, backend developers, Git developers, and anyone whose job position needs an intermediate knowledge of GitHub.

About the Git & GitHub

Modern applications are often based on thousands of lines of code that multiple developers work on them. GitHub is an efficient collaboration system that guarantees the success of the project.

The Git & GitHub test assesses a candidate's practical knowledge of Git software and determines whether the candidate is ready to be hired in roles that need Git knowledge. Candidates are tested on their ability to effectively manage code projects using Git and leverage the power of GitHub to collaborate with other developers and teammates.

Moreover, candidates can easily take this assessment test from anywhere in their time zone.

Candidates who get a good score on this test have a strong understanding of Git commands and hands-on experience using GitHub to manage projects. This test also verifies that individuals have the necessary GitHub skills to manage large codebases and enable seamless collaboration on organizational projects.

Therefore, you can ensure that using this test helps you hire the right talented candidates for your company.


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